Supported Plugins

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I have adjusted and redesigned some of the most popular MyBB Plugins so they can fit smoothly into general Theme design direction.

Fully supported MyBB Plugins:

Basically, all you have to do is to install these Plugins and that’s it. If some of these Plugins have been already installed, you might have to deactivate/activate them again.
Potential issues: My Alerts, New Points and Thank You/Like System, an extra variables might show, after NetPen Theme installation ({$myalerts_modal}, {$post[‘newpoints_postbit’]}, %%TYL_NUMTHANKEDLIKED%%, {$post[‘button_tyl’]}). If so, open either postbit, footer or postbit_author_user template and delete an extra variable/s.

MyFacebook Connect:
Complete instructions and Plugin files you will find at: Instructions

NOTE:Check every now and than this Documentation in order to check other potential issues and how to solve it.

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